The wizard and the wise man.

Once upon a time a wizard arrived from very far away.

He set up his show to cheat and deceive.

Many people gathered and fascinated by his powers start asking to help them with personal needs.

Very satisfied by achieving his objectives he gathered more people

A wise man who lived in town warned everyone.

Don´t take what he offers!

Don´t listen to what he says!

Don´t touch what he hands in!

There is not such magic, it is a deception!

Real magic is in the job you need to do, in your inner soul, not outside in hands of someone else.

You need to understand your soul, listen to your thoughts, order your lifes, and to make the magic of change to work in miraculous ways.

They listened to these words days and nights, the wise man walked the streets anouncing the truth of change.

Nobody payed attention, they were anoyed by seeing him going by without resting, stopping, sleeping, eating.

Everything revolved around the wizard whose power and strength grew everyday. He dominated the whole town sorting their matters, talking and driving them crazy, touching them and paralyzing them.

Everything was conducted by him to his own will. Nothing was the same.

One day the wizard decided it was time to leave looking for new victims and new money to accumulate.

In town only the wise man was left praying the same speech.

The wizard asked: who do you talk to, don´t you see nobody listens to you? Shut up!

I can´t shut up, i only listen to a voice, and it is not yours, i follow the voice of love, do you know who am I? Can you see me in the same way i see you, and i know who you are?

The wizard for the first time didn´t know what to answer.

You are the mind, the intellect who lives on each one of us, you make them believe that by sattisfying their needs you please them. They don´t react against your voice because you flatter them.  You dress like a wizard but nobody knows if you are a man or a woman.

People are the reflection of the egos. There are so many voices in one head claiming for all what they want, i need to rest, i need revenge, i´m angry, i need to eat, i need, i want, sort it, and you feel everyday more important, and you satisfy and give, you take everyone as hostages, your power has no limits and your magic show doesn´t fail. Everything is the same ego-mind, mind –ego, all of them talk the same language.

I´m the heart, the heart that only stops if the love of god asks me for.

I don´t need to rest, being love and heart is nearly the same, it is being in the most beautiful place ever, it is where men will be forever, where you are happy even if you don´t eat, you don´t sleep, where the voice is represented in every beat of your heart and says: the miracle has worked, you know wizard the beats of the heart are a powerful mantram, sublime and miraculous when when peace lives in it.

For sure we´ll see again, crossing the same roads, you leave alone and i will continue warning even though i feel weak.

But when my voice is not listened you have no more power, it dissappears, the ilusion and the cheating is over, men say, god don´t leave me alone, they find shelter on me a the end.

You now i think you need me, there is a reason we are together, don´t compete, cheating is over, and truth is eternal, infinite.