The benefits of mental fasting

sentidos, mente

Our mind is nourished through the senses, sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. If we pay attention to what we get through them we start cleansing our mind. The physical body is the easiest to cleanse, we choose what to eat, and if we have will power we can achieve our goals. Though, it is difficult to find will power. We need much more strength to be able to control the senses which are feeding our mind which is the biggest and most dense matter for our soul.

Our soul needs to be, make, create, express, and collaborate with the development of Love for humanity, it needs all these through our mind, so everything can be organized and our body can fulfil a task.  Our thoughts together with the emotions help he body to act. Before acting, we must know what needs to be done.

How can we have in clear what is the will of our soul if our mind is constantly busy hearing whatever the senses bring to stimulate it? The mind can help our Being if it is clean, without any ¨harmful pollutant¨.  We can do this by being constantly aware twenty four hours a day. When we get unaware or distracted, we fail.

People believe they aren´t distracted because they are aware of what they are doing. But when what we are doing with particular attention is the will of our ego it doesn´t have much spiritual value. We need to get rid of our ego, we shouldn´t love and thank it whatever gives to us, but when we need to pay back try to get rid of it.

Our world is made up of polarities, negative and positive, good and bad. To generate light those polarities bond by means of opposition. Both extremes are bonded by a mean which shines, that is Love.  Both poles must be bonded by Love, Love that brings light to our path.

We need to learn to get from every situation what nourish, feed, help to develop ourselves and leave aside whatever might ¨pollute¨ us. We need to feed all our bodies from awareness.

If our mind is clean all our thoughts will shine. Our Heart needs the mind to organize the different bodies, their acts, their path and movement on this world. If the mind is clear our Heart can use the loving impulses in a clear way, without turmoil. Every clear bright thought will be accompanied by a similar emotion which will help to act consequently, act with Love.

Daniel Ferminades

Taken from ¨Truths revealed from awareness¨ published in  Convivir magazine, May 2014, Buenos Aires, Argentina.