The Grace of Life

The Grace of Life is beating in your heart, pouring Love on Earth, and radiating joy in your path.

The Grace of Life is when you are  serene. Even when there are shocks outside you, there is serenity inside.

The Grace of Life is when you do your  work with love and dedication.

The Grace of Life is when you have built a family.

The Grace of Life is when you open your heart to it and you let it fill you.

Do you live this way?

Do you feel life as grace, as a gift?

Do you pray with your hands, with your words, with your actions?

Because it is so sad to see so much beauty, so much light from the Sun, much music and color, so much life wasted, and little valued.

The Grace of Life, the Gift of Life, the wonderful Gift of Life, you have it in your hands and on your chest.

Take it and take good care of it and give it to whoever passes by your side.

Live with grace, so that being  with you will be a wonderful gift.

Live Love. Give!