Why do we fear?

We have fear of the unknown, the cure for such fear is knowledge, when fear appears we know we are in danger. Why do we know we are in danger? Because we are in an unknown terrain which tells us be careful, danger, pay more attention.

That is what it means. But many times fear governs and stops us from doing things, going back to our comfort zone, avoiding all the situations we have to face. We can avoid fear by facing it and being careful, when we get to know that fear it disappears. We can´t fear what we know.

The origin of fear doesn´t start on us, we can´t generate fear without sense, fear appears because of lack of knowledge. For example, if we are in a room with the lights on we know where to get in and out, but if the lights are off and we need to leave, we fear because we can bump into something and get hurt.

The base of most fears lies on the intensity which we hold on to its physical form not wanting to suffer at any time. We would like everything to be ready so we can continue without being hurt, without pain, but that is not always the reality of life.

There are many good and nice things and many others not so good but they all form part of our way. We will encounter easy terrains and it will be easy to go on, and there will be very difficut rocky ways so we need to learn how to go by if we want to continue.

Do we understand we are on a way? If we are on a way we need to go on and move to start being conscious which means to be alive. It doesn´t just mean to follow nature, we need to face consciously everything we come through. And when we start facing things consciously we get answers of life through our own experience.

Taken from Truths Revealed from Awareness Gathering Santa Fe, September 2013.