Full awareness means working

If we cannot sort out troubles and find a solutions, those troubles live with us.

Sorting out troubles don´t mean having an intellectual answer. Most of the information we have comes from our mind, this is a fact and it is the way we understand it and feel it.

When we need to put those answers into practice, we face situations that haven´t been described on books. It is not only by hard that we´ll be able to give an answer to achieve a good result, we need Awareness to be able to understand. Love brings full and crystal clear Light by means of full awareness.

Full awareness means working not only storing information.

There are plenty of people very smart and with excellent memory, people well able to read and storage information, they can learn by hard many answers and have solutions for several problems, but unfortunately they lack any common sense to live life accordingly.

Life and the world are not an illusion, the illusion is to believe they are everything. Everything is beyond from what our senses can see.

We need to pay attention to this life that God has given to us, this is the right place we need to be to learn and live accordingly to what we have learnt. Either or, God is asking for a major loving dedication to the acts we perform.

Taken from ¨Truths revealed from awareness¨, Capilla del Monte, Cordoba, Argentina, November 2012.