Living the present

Living the present time is the only moment where we can do everything we are supposed to. Since we can´t do everything at the same time, we need to do now what we have to and do it with Love. Not everything we have in mind means it has to be done.

We are constantly thinking where to start, what to do, what way to do it, and time goes by thinking. It makes us feel well thinking that at least we are trying to do things well compared to some people who don´t even think about it, but we don´t do anything either.

We need to focus on what needs to be done now and that is our main duty. One day, we will have to set the table, another day we´ll have to go to work, be with the children, the husband or the wife, family, friends, parents, wherever we´ll be, we´ll have to do it with Love. We don´t need to go further on because what God wants for all of us is to live in his Love. That is it, as simple as that.

It is the task of everybody to do everything with Love that is why it is so important we understand it now and do it everyday of our life.

Taken from ¨Truths revealed from awareness¨, Capilla del Monte, Cordoba, Argentina, November 2012.