Going back to our essence

Like spirits, in essence, we come from God being His true love; i.e.  we are his sons. As individuals we need to join a path which lead us to become aware of such a Divinity by means of joining back as it used to be at the very beginning, Everything with Love, by means of that Love our awareness grows and elevates in vibration to God.

Eternity lies in our souls but our body is temporary. Our soul needs to become aware of everything that surrounds us and about the greatness of God in all its ways, from material to spiritual. From our world on earth, which is  the  most  dense, to the essential.

Many times we identify ourselves as individuals through what we see in the mirror, that is what we are, us, but not our essence. That is the proper image of this world which needs the soul, which has no shape, to become aware of its divinity from the base of creation that is matter.

From this matter where we are, we have to be in touch with others as well as our own Creation. Every time we do something with Love, with the objective of making that Love grow, we are being part with God. When we connect with the matter instead to become their owners and save it we use our life, life which has been given to us by God, to reach personal benefits, this only brings us apart from God.

Isolating ourselves, which is very common among our society, leads us to suffering and pain. Many times that suffering brings us back to God to be able to mitigate that pain. God has always tried to reach our hearts, but He finds a limit: our own will; we usually pay more attention to our will than His.

Our willpower connect us with what our senses perceive. God talks about what we cannot see or touch our soul and Love in its full expression.

We need to get rid of all the barriers that separate us from God, those barriers lie in ourselves, nobody can stop us from living a life with Love.

Taken from ¨Truths revealed from awareness¨ Entre Rios, Argentina, 2012