Overcoming our weakness

We can all spot things which have been wrongly done, poorly carried out  or ill-intentioned but we can spot them all on others. We may have good eye to spot them even we might be right, but we cannot change people, we can only change ourselves and that is our main duty.

A Master doesn´t become one just because he changed someone´s life, he becomes one because he has lived his life with love, he has learnt all the lessons life has taught him and then he has become a master. He can spread his teachings from his mastery because he has lived his life with love. We don´t become Masters because we can see weakness on others, when we overcome our own we achieve mastery.

To be able to overcome our weakness we should be able to admit them first. We don´t usually have one, ten, a hundred, we have thousands of them. Everyone of the seven deadly sins generates more sins which represents our egos being expressed in different ways.

What is it more important, knowing the thief´s name or being alert not to open the door when he calls? It is not important to know who he is and where he comes from, what really matters is that in our inner home only God should inhabit, we should let in everything that helps our God to develop and we should let out everything that is the will of our God to be able to help others, i.e; we should be alert and safeguard the health of our Love, we shouldn´t let our ego to get in, get out and do whatever it wants. Who else would be able to do that except ourselves who are the owners of our own inner home? Do we still want our mind to be the ruler or should we choose Love?

If we want Love to rule, we should battle against our mind, against its selfishness and tyranny.  We give our mind power and set it in that place.

God tells us about sacrifice but our mind tells me: what for? Then we face a dilemma should I do what God or what the mind asks for? Should I sacrifice or just do what I want following our mind´s advice? Who are the real givers of power through our abandonment and blind dedication to our willingness?

How could God, through us, achieve a piece of work, if we need an organized mind so our body will be able to do something, we need an emotion full of boost and energy? There is a mind, an emotion and a body serving his willingness.

If we cannot mute our mind which is constantly generating thoughts, thoughts that trigger emotions, emotions that trigger actions, when could God print his lessons in our mind? God is willing and is trying to teach but we don´t listen. When God talks He is always teaching the lesson we need to learn but we are listening to music, the radio, people, we are searching on our own what we cannot understand.

We didn´t come to earth to listen to people to talk about God, we came to live in God wherever we are. There is no better place for us to live the experience and grow up.

Taken from ¨Truths revealed from awareness¨ Capilla del Monte, Cordoba, Argentina, November 2012.