One world for all

Many times we behave like children thinking that to be happy in this world we only need to do what pleases us, but we can´t function as a society if we first  don´t think in the consequences our acts may cause on others.

We only have one world, one school for 7 billion people, we can´t have 7 billion worlds for each one of us. Can you imagine that place where we could do whatever we would like to without no one telling us what is wrong or right.

Love, what is the point of love if we can´t share it? ; So, we are in this world surrounded by people to be able to be united to God in love from our heart, we are all his sons, his creatures, sons from the same Father, it doesn´t   matter the name we would like to give ,or the religion we belong to or the idea we believe in. 

The point is that we have to live in love, all and one of each, when things are done with love everything runs smoothly, we can experience it within family life. Shouldn´t it be the same for the entire world? Should love only be within the family and let the rest mind their own business?

There is one love that bonds us all, that is God´s love, He doesn´t make any difference. He loves us all. We need to understand that to love all means simply that, not only the ones we want to love, to love them all in the same way, everything we do, do it with love and love everybody in the same way.

God is not someone we cannot reach because He is God. He teaches what to do according to every situation in this world. We come here to get to know each other. God knows himself so He knows what to do, what to expect and what way to go.

People don´t know themselves properly so it is more difficult to relate to others when they are so doubtful about themselves. If we are so doubtful it´ll be more difficult to be united and in peace.

In a world with so much selfishness, it is impossible to live in peace, if we don´t think about the consequences we may cause on others and ourselves.

Taken from,¨ Truths revealed from awareness¨, Santa Fe, Argentina, 2013.