If you let Happiness enter your life, It will open its angelic wings and It will fill everything with a wonder that is spread during flight.

She will wake your senses up, every flower will have renewed smell and every landscape will be brought to life before your eyes, since it is Happiness that nourishes everything with colors. Every heartbeat will be well worth it if in each of them you allow Happiness to be present.

If you let Happiness enter your life, your reality will change. You will discover your innerself blooming, and your face will show it with a sublime smile and a sweet look.

Let Happiness open its wings and fly into your life without restricting it. Discover its gifts and its grace. You will not find a purer being in the whole sky, if in each heartbeat you are pure Love.

Let Love guide your steps and let Happiness show you life, and guided by them both you shall find Peace. Peace  will fill your heart under its large wings.

Learn to live.